Little Journeys

Little Journeys Daycare

308 10th Ave. S. Cranbrook, BC       Phone: 250-919-9252

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM 5:30 PM

Closed on Statutory holidays, two weeks for Christmas Break and
for a one week period prior to Labour Day

Program Cost: $30.00/day

Learning through Play
Little Journeys Daycare is a licensed childcare program under the Prime Time license for 3-5-year-olds. It is licensed to a maximum group size up to 16 children with 2 professionally-qualified staff. The aim of our program is to create a balance between structured and free play activities. Our belief is that free play is child’s work and that many important developmental skills can be acquired through play. The program is a needs-based environment where experience and activities are planned from the children’s interests, needs, and ideas.   Indoor and outdoor experiences are offered each day. Program calendars are available each month that outline Program activities and outings in the community.

Staff keep informal records and do basic assessments of your child’s progress. This supports us in providing programming that aids in the development of your child.

Each day we provide the children with activities designed to help them develop social skills, learn new skills and develop physically. We work in cooperation with parents in giving guidance and direction to their child/ren. Children are encouraged and learn to make choices and participate in activities as they are developmentally and emotionally ready.

Children are given the opportunity to experience fun and awesome things in the daycare program and out in the community.