Kootenay Mountain Metal steps up as 1st Official Corporate Sponsor of the Youth Impact Youth Centre

Kevin, Tasha and their daughter Jaylin Johnston of Kootenay Mountain Metal, becoming the first official corporate sponsor of the Youth Impact Youth Centre, a program for youth ages 12 – 18 run by the Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club.


Kootenay Mountain Metal has supported the Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club with various donations of money, time and projects in the past. Kootenay Mountain Metal is a local company that strongly believes in supporting and giving back to the community that has given them such support and success. Both of their children have been a part of the Club’s various child and youth programs in the past, and they appreciate and respect the work the Club does with the children and youth of Cranbrook. Kootenay Mountain Metal recognizes that Club programs are vital to the success of children and youth and are proud to be the first official corporate sponsors of the Club’s Youth Impact Youth Centre.

They would like to challenge other local businesses to step up and match or beat their yearly contribution. Be a strong community supporter and you will see the benefits!