Donors Recognition

The Cranbrook Boys’ and Girls’ Club sincerely appreciates the generous support of the following donors:


The Cranbrook Boys’ and Girls’ Club is pleased to accept donations via cash, cheques, electronic fund transfers, and credit card. From time to time, we are also pleased to accept in-kind donations of needed items—please contact the Executive Director for further information.

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Sponsorship Level Annual Sponsorship Amount Personal Tax Credit for an Individual Donor Annual Net Cost Following Tax Credit Donor Recognition Provided
Climbing Fisher Peak Over $6000 $2807+ $3193+ Charitable tax ReceiptIndividual/Business name, logo and link on website and Facebook pagePress release with local mediaRecognition certificateIn Honour/In Memoriam recognition availableRecognition that best matches your individual/business needs
Riding Rails to Trails $4500-$6000 $2091-$2807 $2409-$3193
Creating Amazing Arts and Crafts $3000-$4499 $1375-$2090 $1625-$2409
Cooking Up a Storm $1500-$2999 $661-$1374 $186-$839
Gone Fishing $250-$1499 $64-$660 $186-$839
Singing Campfire Songs $1-$249 Up to $61 Up to $188

Please note: Personal and corporate tax outcomes should be discussed with a qualified tax professional. The above information provides examples only and cannot take into account an individual’s personal circumstances.